Young Women Campaign
Against AIDS (YWCAA)
Promotion of Equal Rights & Social Justice for Women, Young People and the Vulnerable

Economic empowerment to young women

Through YWCAA economic empowerment project, the following are confessions from young women and girls, daughters and grand daughters to BAWA members, who installed their own Income Generating Activities (IGAs).

Susan Wamuyu a KBGI participant in hairdressing & beauty IGA, “I benefited from the project greatly. After the end of the training and mentoring by YWCAA, I got employed as a hairdresser where I apply the skills and experience I gained from the project. I also enrolled for part time training to enable me learn other areas in beauty and hairdressing. Thanks to YWCAA for opening my eyes.”

Kavindu a KBGI participant in tailoring & beadwork IGA “The project has unveiled the hidden talent I had in art work. With the knowledge and practical experience, I got through mentorship, I have established my own business. I make different types of items out of beads e.g. bangles, necklaces, earrings, waist beads, hand bags & clutches. I am able to meet my personal needs, however basic. I do not beg from my friends or from my mother or grandmother.”