Young Women Campaign
Against AIDS (YWCAA)
Promotion of Equal Rights & Social Justice for Women, Young People and the Vulnerable


Its a culture for YWCAA to join the world in solidarity to celebrate the international Womens Day. In 2017, YWCAA rallied behind the First Lady of Kenya Her Exellency Margret Kenyatta to participate in the "Beyond Zero Campaign" walk. This is with the knowledge that fifteen women die every day due to pregnancy related complications in Kenya and 20% of all deaths among mothers in the country are AIDS-related (UNAIDS). According to the Commission on Information and Accountability for Women and Children's Health 2013 Update Report, in 2012 alone, more than 100,000 children died before their fifth birthday - largely due to preventable causes. In the same year, 13,000 new HIV infections occurred among children and 62% of children living with HIV did not access life-saving antiretroviral drugs. After the walk, YWCAA commemorated the day by conducting community outreach to sensitize women and girls on prevention against HIV/AIDS and gender equality.

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