Young Women Campaign
Against AIDS (YWCAA)
Promotion of Equal Rights & Social Justice for Women, Young People and the Vulnerable


Condom use is one of the main strategies for combating the spread of HIV and also used as a family planning method. However, educating youth about the condoms has sometimes been controversial with some saying it promotes early sexual experimentation. Younger people are often at a higher risk of contracting STI’s and unplanned pregnancies as they are more likely to be experimenting with sex before marriage. YWCAA recognizes that effective protection would require correct condom use at every sexual encounter, therefore, it is our mandate to continuously promote condom use in the prevention of transmission of HIV and other STIs as well as unplanned pregnancies. Condom use promotion involves providing the youth with knowledge on where to get condoms as a prerequisite for correct and consistent usage.

While facilitating access for the general public, YWCAA's condom promotion efforts include information, education and communication strategies targeting key populations. With the help of various partners, in the past years, YWCAA distributed thousand units of both female and male condoms. Strategies to enhance correct and consistent condom use include distribution channels such as youth group events, youth outreach events, youth-friendly resource centers among others. These sessions are geared towards improving skills on condom negotiation, correct and consistent use.


From our field experiences, many families fail to prepare adolescent girls to transit from childhood to adulthood. Biological and hormonal changes such as menstruation are considered to be natural occurrences, which nature takes care of. In addition, parents hardly have time to discuss matters related with sex, sexuality and human development with their children. In some instances, this is related to culture and traditions; while many parents are too busy looking for livelihood. This leaves many marginalized adolescent girls helpless and depressed.

Lack of information on how to prepare for menstruation has seen many adolescent girls fail to attend school during their menses. Some lack proper concentration when they are not prepared with the correct sanitary towels, fearing the mess. In some case, girls drop out of school due to peer influence, when they are misadvised that menstruation means they are ready for marriage and to give birth. Some completely loose direction. YWCAA through community outreach conducts both household and community sensitization on overall SRH with emphasis on hygiene promotion, donation of sanitary towels; and educate both adolescent girls and boys on sex and reproductive health.

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