World AIDS Day is celebrated globally every 1 December; and it's the time to stand in Solidarity Events with those living with HIV/AIDS and to remember those that have died as a result of HIV/AIDS complications.

On yearly basis, YWCAA stands in Solidarity Events with the rest of the world to commemorate the World AIDS Day celebrations. The year 2012 was a special year to YWCAA as we dedicated the celebrations to urban poor grandmothers and rural poor grandmothers backed up by young women working in bars and the youth. The occasion saw YWCAA include a disadvantaged lot that is very important yet are often ignored by the society. The grandmothers have remained as strong pillars within the community - being care givers to orphaned and vulnerable children whose parents have succumbed mainly due to HIV/AIDS related complications.

Highlighting their contribution and plight on such occasions inform the public on their contributions; and also support in advocacy on policies and legislation in support of women and the vulnerable. National HIV/AIDS responses in the region fail to target older people, particularly in relation to prevention. This is largely due to HIV/AIDS being seen as a 'young person's disease' which does not affect older people. Comprehensive knowledge on HIV is lacking among the rural folk mostly among the older cohort. YWCAA thus took this as an opportunity to increase HIV/AIDS knowledge among this group through sensitization sessions to enhance prevention efforts among their dependants and the community in general.