The acronym refers to Bar Waitresses (BAWA), and a Kiswahili word that translates to 'wings to fly'. The BAWA program that aims at giving the grandmothers 'wings to fly' (empowerment) was initiated by YWCAA in partnership with Cordaid Kenya and the African Women's Development Fund (AWDF) in 2004. It aimed at mitigating the socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS among women, with special attention to young women serving as Bar Waitresses to earn a living. In 2007, YWCAA through support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation expanded the BAWA program to include the urban poor grandmothers living within four informal settlements of Kibera, Kibagare, Mukuru and Kawangware. Through the 'giving birth' strategy, where a 'BAWA' group that has best practice is privileged to spearhead initiation of another group. Kibagare 'BAWA' being one of such groups has been accorded an opportunity to nurture the Maajabu Grandmothers Self Help Group. The "giving birth strategy" aims at establishing a grandmothers movement. The word 'Maajabu' is a Kiswahili word that means 'Wonders'. The Maajabu grandmothers group is undergoing the initial steps on sensitization and capacity building on HIV/AIDS, group formation, leadership skills, gender, basic entrepreneurship skills, life skills among other key areas that affect lives of grandmothers. Thereafter, the group will benefit from the Revolving Community Funds under the Mitigation of Socio-economic effects of HIV/AIDS among the grandmothers.