Women and Youth for Social Justice
The Campaign! (WYSJ)
Promotion of Equal Rights & Social Justice for Women, Young People and the Vulnerable


This is a new program identified as one of the priority areas to be implemented under an integrated approach to addressing effects of HIV/AIDS, gender based violence; and women economic empowerment. The recurrent harsh climatic conditions resulting from the effects of global warming and desertification continue to pose environmental degradation and severe food insecurity in most parts of Africa. This has led to lack of water, causing human-animal conflict, particularly among the pastoralists communities. Agriculture which is the main source of livelihood for many communities in Kenya has also been seriously affected by adverse climatic conditions. Women and girls are also at risk. They are forced to cover long distance in search of water and livelihood, and may also be forced to adopt other risky behaviours for earning a living. In the event, they are also likely to undergo sexual violence that could increase their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. More

Succeess Stories

  • Economic empowerment to young women

    Through YWCAA economic empowerment project, the following are confessions from

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    Person(s) Living Positively with HIV/AIDS

    Ms Anne is the co-founder of Joy Academic for orphaned and vulnerable children within

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  • Reformed Youth

    Roselyne Nyambura is less than 25 years old. At her age, Rose has undergone a lot

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    Kawangware Phase Out

    The Kawangware BAWA Self Help Group was phased out in 2016 and were awarded the “BAWA wings Read More