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Kibagare BAWA Girls' Initiative (KGBI)

Kibagare BAWA Girls Initiative is a Young Women Campaign against AIDS (YWCAA) project in partnership with the African Women Development Fund (AWDF). The project applies sports, culture and creative arts as tools for Prevention and Advocacy on HIV/AIDS and as a means of long term economic empowerment for young women, out-of-school, and other disadvantaged girls under the custody of bar waitresses/grandmothers residing at Kibagare informal settlement in Nairobi Kenya. The main objectives of the project is to identify talents/life skills, and categorize them in to sports or creative arts and be fine-tuned in to activities aiming at economic empowerment; build stronger understanding on drugs and drug addiction and the negative effects; undertake sensitization on HIV/AIDS and sensitization on sexual reproductive health rights, gender and to nurture leadership among young women and girls.

A total of 30 out-of-school girls are participated in the initial pilot project. With support we hope to implement the same in other project areas The girls and young women were divided into groups based on the identified talents. Each group was signed a mentor who takes the teams through a mentorship package that is based on the identified talent and skills. This group of young women are also expected to be peer educators and mentors within the community. The expected outcome of the project is empowerment of the 30 young women, disadvantaged, out-of-school girls and the community. They are empowered with knowledge and information; and how to encourage innovation and to guide the younger generation, particularly young women who are vulnerable.The project also contributes to advocacy on policies and legislation in favour of young women, particularly the disadvantaged ones.


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