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Economically empowered 100 bar waitresses/illicit liquor brewers and 60 widowed grandmothers through provision of revolving community funds worth over Kshs. 2 million and capacity building on Business Management.Economic empowerment for over 200 bar waitresses/illicit liquor brewers and 45 widowed grandmothers through provision of Community Revolving Loan Funds (CRLF) worth over Kshs. 2 million. Through the Community CRLF the beneficiaries have established income generating activities and are able to meet basic needs. They have supported education of their children up to higher learning institutions. The venture is a means of sustainability for the groups and individual households.
Behaviour Change and Communication that has led to attitude change among over 200 Bar Waitresses and grandmothers who were illicit liquor brewers. This change is reflected through their well being, the alternative businesses established, confessions from the community highlighting improved level of responsibility at both household and community levels, among other indicators.Creation of 10 community support system of bar waitresses (BAWA) and grandmothers through the establishment of legally registered self help groups of well equipped and skilled teams with knowledge on self care, HIV/AIDS, business management,leadership, care and support to OVCs



YWCAA in partnership with the Stephen Lewis Foundation offers training in small scale business skills and provide start-up revolving community funds for economic empowerment to bar waitresses and grandmothers (BAWA)in order to make a meaningful choice of earning a living and reduce their exposure to violence and HIV/AIDS. The program also looks into empowering the beneficiaries with relevant information on HIV/AIDS, knowledge on basic legal rights and advocacy skills, reproductive health, human rights, rights to decision making and leadership.