Daphne Nyangweso
Field Details
Name Daphne Nyangweso
Appointment Director Special Programmes
About Ms. Daphne Nyangweso is a member of the Board of Directors for YWCAA in charge of Special Programmes. Daphne is a qualified, industrious and passionate strategic manager with postgraduate training in business administration - strategic management; and a number of other professional trainings, including education. Daphne has extensive in-depth professional experience in banking sectors operations, capacity building and human resource management with good abilities to apply balanced score card (BSC) for successful banking operations, customer relations and human resource management. She has served with Co-operative Bank of Kenya over the years in various capacities; and has risen to senior management position,. Daphne has identified and developed business opportunities for existing and potential customers through effective marketing of bank products and services. With her in the lead at the Executive Banking unit where she was assigned, the branch has been recognized as a leader in executive banking operations for Co-operative Bank of Kenya. Her experience and expertise put her in the right position to support the YWCAA Revolving Loan Community Funds with the bar waitresses and grandmothers; and other similar expansion programmes. Daphne has good abilities to establish and maintain professional work relationships and networking-respecting institutional mandates, team management- providing strategic visioning, projects development, staff supervision and performance monitoring. She is is an excellent team player and a motivational speaker with excellent inter personal relations; and passionate about capacity building and mentorship. She is experienced in team management, planning, supervision; strategic planning, performance standards, coordination; and good ability to integrate sectoral programs with institutional priorities, plans and compliance with set regulations. Being a member, and Team Leader of several community development initiatives, Daphne has a special touch with the community, especially women and the youth.