Dedan Ndege
Field Details
Name Dedan Ndege
Appointment IT Consultant
About Dedan Ndege, is a holder of Degree in Information Technology at Mt Kenya University and a certificate in construction technician at Technical University. He is the IT and M&E Officer for YWCAA incharge of website management and publicity of the organization.Dedan’s rich experience in Web development at Software East Africa LTD, Kings Computer College and in the ministry of Agriculture Livestock and fisheries makes him an asset in the communication department.He has knowledge in both technical and content aspects of IT which he has been using to empower the community, through his participation in group discussions. Dedan has a passion in promoting social justice in the communities. As a volunteer he encourages people with special needs including People With Disabilities (PWDs) and People With Special Needs (PWSNs). He possess a variety of skills ranging from; communication, website development, setting up of network, simple website design, html, java script, database system and css. Values he stand for as a person included; honesty, integrity, straightforward and team player.