Elizabeth Sirengo
Field Details
Name Elizabeth Sirengo
Appointment Acting Chairperson (AG)
About Ms. Elizabeth Sirengo is a board member of YWCA, and the Administrative Director. Elizabeth is a social scientist with specialities in Political Science, Philosophy among other academic and career attainments. She has served in various management capacities in the private sector in procurement, sales and marketing. Elizabeth is an experienced Sales and Marketing Manager, excellent team leader and project manager with over 15 years of work experience in Account Management, Bid Management and Customer Service Management. At a personal level, she is calm and humble; and has an excellent interpersonal relations and presentable. A motivational speaker, Elizabeth plays a very important role within YWCAA which blends well with her personality. Both staff and board members confide in her for advice. At the community level, Elizabeth has remained a pivotal point of motivation. She attributes her humility and modesty to her upbringing; and identifies with the needs of women, the grandmothers and the youth. Her goals are to make use of her experience in order to leverage a community where everyone is safe and enjoys their socio-economic and political rights. Career wise, she aspires to make a positive contribution towards dynamic customer service, administrative, supervisory and organizational aspects of a business entity that recognizes and rewards professionalism and performance, and has opportunities for career growth.