Elizabeth Omollo
Field Details
Name Elizabeth Omollo
Appointment Public Relations Advisor
About A social scientist, with a broad coverage in areas such as Sociology, Psychology as well as Public Administration. Holder of Post graduate degree in Tourism Administration. I have served in various capacities in the private sector ranging from Hospitality, Human Resource Management, Consultancy in Tourism as well as Management. I have a Wealth of experience in Human Resource, Public Relations and Customer Service. A Team Leader, Facilitator, Overseer with over 16 years work experience. Worked with Intercontinental Hotel Mombasa, Kenap EPZ, Pollmans Tours and currently with Tourvest East Africa. Humble, Tolerant, Go-getter, Listener , not judgmental and takes others opinion positively. Fundraiser, Networker and a good Team player. A believer in empowerment of women and passionate about giving back to the community. I am excellent in Planning and organizing, hardworking , result oriented. I am naturally bent towards making the world a better place for women , children and the youth who have not had the opportunity to have the best out of life. I believe in high level of integrity, responsibility , professionalism and sincerity in all my undertakings. Having interacted with Team members at different levels with a lot of humility , I find it easy to reach out to people and impact on them positively.