Maurice Ouko
Field Details
Name Maurice Ouko
Appointment Programmes Manager
About Maurice Ouko is a holder of a Bachelor Honours Degree in Counseling Psychology from Kenyatta University. He has rich experience in Counseling, Social Work and Community Development blended with a mastery in Information Technology (IT). Maurice is fluent in foreign languages including English, French and Arabic. He has work experience with the youth, children and women in various capacities. Prior to joining YWCAA, Maurice was an employee of COMOCO SACCO in Business Relations; - specialized in Micro-finance management. With his set of social skills, rich interpersonal skills and laudable communication skills, he is able to carry out effective community mobilization and facilitate diverse groups. Maurice understands the system of saving, mobilization and lending. He has conducted individual and group therapies in rehabs, children homes and youth community resource centers. Maurice is able to interact comfortably, psycho-analyze and counsel beneficiaries affected and infected with HIV/AIDs. Furthermore, he is able to assist persons who are fighting drug addiction. He aspires to contribute towards addressing causes and consequences of human suffering and poverty through promotion of a development process by which communities enhance their quality of life in an integral and holistic manner through participatory approaches. Maurice upholds values of dignity, harmony, equity, social and economic justice. He is a team player; gets along with his colleagues and believes in continuous learning and personal development. He is keen on development and enthusiastic about people focused programs that lead to the betterment of the lives of the less privileged in the society. Maurice has joined YWCAA as a Programme Manager from October 2015.