YWCAAIDS :: The Grandmothers/widows project

The Grandmothers/widows project

While a combined program for Bar waitresses and grandmothers runs within four informal settlements of Kibera, Mukuru, Kawangware and Kibagare in Nairobi; the widowed Grandmothers project is currently implemented in the rural areas in the Counties of Kisumu, Makueni and Homa Bay.In partnership with the Stephen Lewis Foundation, the program aim is to address challenges brought about by HIV/AIDS and to establish evidence based means of mitigating the socio-economic effects - under the Community Revolving Funds(CRFs). With this program, YWCAA has made considerable impact in lives of grandmothers who earn a living through running small scale businesses as means of livelihood.

A long side the CRFs is the 'kitchen basket' token for nutritional support to all the grandmothers groups. We have successful stories of grandmothers that have seen their children/dependants through education up to higher levels through this project in partnership with the Stephen Lewis Foundation. YWCAA has supported in the establishment of three widowed grandmothers groups, namely; Wendano wa Susu, Alot Jarire and MOSULO. Under the "giving birth strategy" YWCAA aims at nurturing additional groups under the exsisting grandmothers project establishing grandmothers movement One common feature among the grandmothers group is high level of illiteracy that also impacts negatively on their businesses.